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Les Kobayashi Design

We are a privately held debt free company based in the city of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

The company was formed in April of 2004 by two partners, Les Kobayashi and Gigi Moldovan, to address the need for affordable high quality hosting in Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley. The quality and value of our hosting packages is, in fact, competitive worldwide.

Our servers are leased from a datacentre in Dallas, Texas called The Planet. This is actually the best solution for our local customers. While their websites reside on leading edge high speed servers using the latest software in a world class facility, they can receive local service and deal with Canadian currency - the best of both worlds.

Hostopogo is also profitable, and is carefully structured to remain that way. We think this is very important for our customers; it means that we're stable, growing, and here for the long haul. Our customers can relax in the knowledge that their websites are in good hands.

Just a note about the name of our company. Even when they see it for the first time, people who call Kelowna home know exactly how the name Hostopogo was derived. For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the Okanagan Valley, here's a link that will clear things up for you!

Hostopogo - your Kelowna home for legendary web hosting!

OGO 1 $4.95
100 MB space
1 GB transfer
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OGO 2 $8.95
200 MB space
4 GB transfer
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OGO 3 $16.95
250 MB space
5 GB transfer
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OGO 4 $24.95
500 MB space
10 GB transfer
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OGO 5 $36.95
1000 MB space
15 GB transfer
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